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RFID Readers

RFID readers are similar to barcode scanners in many ways, but instead of using a laser or imaging device to obtain information from barcodes, an RFID reader obtains information from RFID tags via low power radio waves. Pictured at left is an Intermec handheld RFID reader, as you can see it looks quite similar to a Barcode scanner. Both devices collect information from the tags or labels, they just use different means. RFID readers donít require a line of sight between the reader and the tag as a barcode scanner does, making data capture capable in visually or environmentally challenging conditions. Another important difference between barcode scanners and RFID readers is that RFID readers are capable of programming RFID tags as well.
RFID readers use an antenna to send and receive signals to and from RFID tags, and this antenna can be either internal or external. Once information is received it is processed by an internal computer and then sent wirelessly back to your main database. When implementing RFID, one of the main challenges is ensuring that your RFID reader antenna is able to read the particular frequency of your tags. The three most common frequencies are low frequency (LFID), high frequency (HFID) and ultra-high frequency (UHFID). Frequency Agile Readers can take away some of the hassle though, these readers are capable of reading multiple frequencies and are a good investment if you need to read different types of tags.
Readers can be either stationary or handheld, stationary RFID readers are normally seen at receiving dock doors of distribution centers.

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