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Integrated Biometrics

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Integrated Biometrics Systems

Identiko offers Security & Monitoring system solutions and integration services , designs, develops, integrates and maintains complex mission critical security and monitoring systems in order to enable enterprises to realize optimum use of their infrastructure.

Access Controll and Identification Systems

Identification systems are among the most complex biometric systems, with detailed requirements for acquisition devices, matching algorithms, fallback procedures, and privacy-sympathetic design. Identiko helps its clients and partners to design and deploy effective biometric solutions for a full range of identification systems.
Biometric systems require controlled and accurate enrollment processes, careful monitoring of security settings to ensure that the risk of unauthorized entry is low, and well-designed interfaces to ensure rapid acquisition and matching. Poor system design and implementation can slow down the authentication process and expose new vulnerabilities.

Network Security

As more and more valuable information is made accessible to employees via LAN and WAN, the risks associated with unauthorized access to sensitive data grow larger. Protecting your network with passwords is problematic, as passwords are easily compromised, lost, or inappropriately shared. Whether driven by security, convenience, or cost-reduction, biometrics are proving to be an effective solution for IT/Network Security. Major challenges in deploying biometrics in this environment include accuracy and performance, integrating biometric match decisions with existing systems, interoperability across proprietary technologies, and secure storage and transmission of biometric data.

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